How I arrived at where I am now ...

I was lucky enough to do my Undergraduate degree at the University of Wales, Lampeter (now sadly closed). From there I went on to do an MA in Cultural Geography at Royal Holloway with Denis Cosgrove as Course Director. My dissertation Exclusion and the rural geographies of disability was supervised by Rob Imrie. Following this I had a year off to rebalance my finances before moving to the University of Hull to do a PhD in the Department of Geography. My thesis Feeling nature: naturism, camping, environment and the body in Britain, 1920-1960 was supervised by David Atkinson and Suzanne Reimer and examined by David Matless and Sally Eden. During my time at Hull I worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant tutoring on a variety of Year 1, 2 and 3 courses.

Whilst writing up my thesis I moved to Edinburgh to start work as a Research Associate for OPENspace: The Research Centre for Inclusive Access to Outdoor Environments at Heriot Watt University (with Edinburgh College of Art). Whilst there I worked on a range of projects including Nature for People: The Importance of Greenspace to East Midlands Communities for English Nature and the Diversity Review: Options for Implementation for the Countryside Agency.
In 2003 I started work at the University of Edinburgh and I've been here ever since with a couple of maternity leaves along the way (part-time since 2010). Alongside my teaching and research I have had a variety of administrative roles at Institute, School and University level. I have been Chair of the School of GeoSciences Research Ethics and Integrity Committee since 2009 and am proud to say that the School ethics procedure has been noted as an example of best practice within the College of Science and Engineering here at the University of Edinburgh and by NERC. In 2014-15 will be Convening the University of Edinburgh School of Music Teaching Review Panel.


For research updates: @_NinaJM