Funded, non-funded and lots of things for the future ...

Providing ethical guidance for collaborative research in developing countries: development of an ethics form and set of guidance notes for use by future ESPA award holders - Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation Directorate (ESRC/NERC/DFID). 
Embodied-sensuous experience and the geographies of landscape art installations: The Storr: Unfolding Landscape by NVA, understandings of landscape, place and cultural identity - Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. 
The Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail: creative geographies, making and experiencing art in the natural landscape: embodied experiences and practices of artists involved in the creation of, and visitors to, a sculpture trail - with Sarah Cant - AHRB.
Evaluation of visitor experience at Ynyslas/Dyfu National Nature Reserve: evaluation and interpretation of visitor experience - with Catherine Findlay, Catharine Ward-Thompson, Catherine Southwell, Karen McDonald, and Stella Wisdom - Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru/Countryside Council for Wales.
Feeling nature: naturism, camping, environment and the body in Britain, 1920-1960: ways in which naturists and light-weight campers encountered, understood and reflected upon the spaces, places and environments around them; ethos of outdoor recreation in the inter-war and immediate post-war period; representations of nature in reflexive accounts - University of Hull, Department of Geography Studentship.

Things for the future (and ideas ripe for resuscitation)
Contemporary camping cultures - this will involve a much desired return to one of my PhD research topics and the plan is to write an ESRC grant application over the summer.

Darkness - there are several ways in which I would like to take my ideas forward in this area and I would love to work collaboratively with other geographers, colleagues from other disciplines, and art practitioners to achieve this. If you're interested - get in touch!
Urban cultivation on land owned by Local Authorities and social landlords, with Caroline Brown and Greig Robertson (Edible Estates) - so far we've got as far as agreeing that this would be a really good idea for a project, we've had lots of meetings to discuss it but Caroline and I both had maternity leaves in 2013 so nothing down on paper as yet, watch this space.

Local environments, health and well-being: a collaborative project to explore the role of backgreens in a healthier Scotland, a research project with Claire Haggett, Jamie Pearce, Hannah Neate, and Deryck Irving (Greenspace Scotland) which the AHRC/SFC didn't go for.
Cultural value of woodland arts, another (sigh) failed ESRC Collaborative Governmental Studentship application.
Enchanted forests? Investigating the cultural values of woodland arts projects, with David Edwards (Forest Research) - an 'A' grade ESRC/Scottish Government Collaborative Studentship application which failed to win funding.
Cultivating health and well-being in urban communities: the role of backgreens - an 'A+' grade ESRC/Scottish Executive Case Studentship application which failed to win funding.